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Hello Makers! Apologies for the lack of updates on the website. The good news is we now have a dedicated Facebook page, (see link below) and a rapidly growing MeetUp following: http://www.meetup.com/MakerSpacesMackay/

We now run more sessions. The first and third Tuesday of every month, from 5.30pm, in the shiny new Engineering Building at CQU Ooralea. We're up to 84 members via MeetUp which is very encouraging. Of course, not everyone can make every session, but we have some exciting project ideas which may interest many new and existing members:

  • – Wind/water powered generator from recycled parts
  • – Build a bench power pack
  • – Remote monitoring of battery levels
  • – More 3D printing

We are also lucky to have some keen members willing to deliver short sessions (about an hour) on the following topics:

  • – Arduino/microcontroller workshops
  • – Intro to Electrical power
  • – 3D Design and modification
  • – Basic Electronics
  • – Basic Coding

So – all in all, we're making progress. Feel free to post questions and project ideas here or on our Facebook page.

Keep making and collaborating. The joy is in the sharing!

Donna 🙂

Make a Robot!

So I've 3D printed and gathered all the bits to make this robot on Thursday:

20 August, GORDON WHITE LIBRARY 3.30pm for 13 to 16 years. Than 5.30pm for ANYONE 17 years and over!

Let's see how we go shall we?

Invent, Create, Make IT in 3D!

Thursday 20 August from 3.30pm at GORDON WHITE LIBRARY.

If you're between 13 and 16 and want to learn more about 3D printing, come along to learn the programs and apps that we use to create 'things' in 3D. And learn about using and maintaining the library's 3D printer – DAVE.

Bookings required. Contact your local public library to book.


Upcoming Workshops

MakerSpaces Mackay uses MeetUp.com to promote and help organise our workshops and events.

You can contact us directly from there too! 🙂

Our adult (17+) workshops are usually held on the third Thursday evening of each month at Gordon White Library from 5.30pm.

Workshops for 10 – 13 and 14 – 16 years are held intermittenly around the library branches.

Email or call you local public library for further information.


3D Printing leading a revolution!

Guy Rundle is a leading Australian journalist and author with particular interests in innovation and disruptive technologies.

Listen to this recent interview on ABC Radio for some excellent background and future thinking when it comes to 3D printing, makerspaces and beyond.

 Guy Rundle


New Maker site.

The official community of MakerFaire – MakerSpace – has created a new online space where makers can connect with even more makers and create even more maker stuff!

Free registration – of course. Check it out here: MakerSpace.


Big Kid sessions growing.

Well – according to the growing number of people who have joined our MeetUp group, now at 38, we are definitely growing. Of course not everyone can make it every month, But just wanted to alert you all to the blog. Happy to make this a general sharing space for interesting finds, ideas, collaborations and so on.  

Have just uploaded a heap of photos from the last few sessions. The salt crystal lamp was a definite winner as far as projects are concerned. If anyone has something similar they would like to try, especially using old phone chargers, please let me know.

Hoping to have a video chat with another group next session. Will let you know.

In the meantime, keep making!

Donna 🙂




2015 is here already!

Well – it will be in about 55 hours so I guess we should make sure everyone is aware of what we have planned, and how we hope to create an amazing MakerSpace right here in Mackay!

We are kicking off the year with a BIG Kids workshop on Thursday 22 January, 5.30 – 7.30pm at Gordon White Library. One of our clever regulars Chris, has offered to hold an introductory session on Arduino’s. Thank you Chris!

I’m also hoping we might have the facility/capacity to do some low tech/high craft exploring. Ever wanted to make a Wagon Wheel? A real one?

Following this date, we have secured the Library meeting room for the third Thursday evening of every month. February date is 19th. I’m looking for input as to if/how/when we might be able to migrate MakerSpaces Mackay to a more permanent workshop. Any and all ideas welcome.

MakerSpaces Mackay has set up a MeetUp group where you can book into our Big Kids sessions remotely: http://www.meetup.com/MakerSpacesMackay/

For our ever keen younger Makers, 2015 will see a couple of changes. Jaala will take the lead for 10 to 13 year olds. The first session for this age group will be at Mirani Library on 17 February. All things CIRCUITS will be the object of the session.

Meanwhile, the 14 to 16 year olds will be welcome to come and experiment with Robotics at Mackay City Library on the same day.

Bookings are essential and can be made via any of our library branches from 5 January.

Look forward to sharing the Maker groove!

Donna 🙂

We’re going BIG – for the BIG kids!

makerspace_workshop 4C vertical 304 MakerSpaces Mackay is opening its tool box drawers to all those aged 17 or over. Three sessions will be held over the next few weeks, so as our local closet Makers, Hackers, Tinkerers and Explorers can check out our gadgets and gizmos. Available for use will be 3D Printing, Arduinos, RaspberryPi and so much more…

We will also be holding some video chats with other Maker groups around the country including the Adelaide FABLAB and the Gold Coast Tech Space. These clever people will provide some information on how the Maker movement is taking over the world, (for all the right reasons) and be available for questions.

All sessions will be held at Gordon White Library from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

Wednesday 17 September                                    Wednesday 1 October                                         Wednesday 12 November

Light refreshments provided.

Please contact your local public library for more information, or email us here.

For some more background information, see this excellent Ted Talk about all things 'Makery'.

Tweet Tweet…

Hey Mackay and District Makers – we are on Twitter! You can follow us @MakerSpacesMack.

You will also see the HUGE amount of maker twitterer's out there: https://twitter.com/

See you soon,

Donna 🙂

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