Sayonara Sarina…

Our last session at Sarina Library was a hoot! Most people managed to complete their Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp, and those that didn't now have all the bits and knowledge to complete at home. We also did some 'constructive destruction' of old laptops and the power supplies of old desktop PC's. We were on the hunt for Ferrite Toroids. These little ceramic tube's (look alot like a life-saver lollie) can be used for many electronic projects. We were looking to make Joule Theives. See the projects page for more on this.

??  Click here for all the photo's from a great day.

  We will not doubt be back in the not far distant future with more projects and Maker stuff!

  Thanks Sarina!

  Donna 🙂

Maker Movement philosophy

This is an excellent video about the 'Maker Movement' in general. Share it around Makers!








Donna 🙂


Blight Lights! Blight Lights!

No – it's not a typo. Check out this scene from an 80's classic to see what I mean:

There were many eye-boggling and clever swirley creations made with torches and a camera at the Sarina MakerSpaces session yesterday afternoon – but I think this one here is perhaps the pick of the bunch. Only problem is – I can't tell who it is! Can anyone give me a clue??

Click here for all of the light painted photo's snapped:

Please note that these photo's have been compressed for the web. If you would like the full file sent to you, just send me an email.

Don't forget, if you have some old phone chargers at home, still working but no longer required for a phone, please bring them in for our final session at Sarina next week – 18 March.

Have a great week and see you then!

Donna 🙂



Sarina Stars!

After three workshops at Sarina Library, I am thoroughly convinced of the STAR quality of the participants to our sunny south. So far we have built scribble bots,  light-up paper houses and made some cool creatures for the 3D printer (DAVE) o tackle.

Yesterday we had a close up look at MakeyMakey's and screaming banana's, along with a few other organic items that we weren't figuring on… Then, to round the day's adventure off, we had all four of our Arduino's blinking LED's every which way!

Click here for a link to photo's from the workshops so far.

Next week – Water Bottle Rocket Launcher, and we'll make a start on Dumi's very cool idea for an Arduino powered RC vehicle.

See you then!

Donna 🙂



Workshop 8

Apart from more 3D printing (Dave was very well behaved today :)) we also had a great time transferring photo images to material using photo-sensitive ink. All you need is sunshine – yay!










Starting to experiment more with the Arduino kits – so – looking forward to a robotic adventure next week…

Donna 🙂


Workshop 7

Today we revisited Squishy Circuits (see the Projects page for downloads). Some were a bit too squishy, but we still managed to generate some power! ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????








There were some marvellous 3D models created on Tinkercad, and even though 'Dave' (our 3D printer) was a bit stubborn to begin with, we coaxed him along and he was humming away at models before the end of the day.

??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????







We also busied ourselves with some dismantling! This is very important. Many of the bits and pieces required for MakerSpaces projects can be sourced from pre-loved technology and gadgetry. So today an old tape deck/radio and disposable camera donated their organs to a higher need… 🙂

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????








Donna 🙂

Make it @ your library

Make it @ your library is an excellent new website from the US. It is powered by Instructables and the American Library Association, so it is especially geared to MakerSpaces in libraries!

Check out all the cool projects, and let me know what you would really like to try in one of our workshops. No promises mind you. All depends on resources and what we can get a hold of, but we will certainly try. 🙂Make it logo

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