Previous Workshops

Previous Workshops

Previous Workshops

Our final workshop at Gordon White Library was a hive of activity as usual.

Marcel lead some of the team in building a Wind Tube! Interesting to see what floats and what does not…

Library staff Karen and Robyn gave 'Light up textiles' a go, but we need to do a bit more practise with this one. Rest assured, we will have that bling flashing the next time!

Jeremy's RaspberryPi case is gradually coming to life – via the 3D printer (who we've christened 'Dave by the way). Will hopefully have a photo of a happy Jeremy displaying the finished product shortly.

We were also very fortunate to have Brendan Donnelly from CQU join us and share what he had learnt about the Arduino kit over the previous weekend. I for one am not quite so fearful of the strange little thing now, and will be having a fiddle over the next couple of weeks.

See here for a short video of the workshop: Workshop #6

IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0228I

MakerSpaces is hugely grateful to Brendan, Marcel and Al for sharing their time and expertise with MakerSpaces Mackay. We owe you all!

Donna 🙂


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Yesterday's workshop was a little more relaxed, as we investigated the wonders of Light Panting.

Here are some hints and tips on Light Painting from ABC Open. Have a look at some of the awsome photos that have been contributed, and why not contribute yourself?

SONY DSC P1020331

Of course, we had to revisit and modify the Billy Kart a bit, with all new and improved ex-roller blade wheels. Some more fun was had finishing off the last couple of water bottle rocket launchers, and Danni had a great time investigating numerous textiles, flowers and good old dirt with the USB microscope.


For our last week at Gordon White Library (for a little while) I'm hoping to tackle those mysterious items call Arduino's, and see if we can make some super blingy things, as it is of course, Melbourne Cup Day!

See you then,

Donna 🙂

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Water Bottle Rocket Launcher was on the menu today. This is the Instructable that inspired us – but – our volunteer mentor Marcel has modified and simplified the this machine somewhat, without detracting from it's 'fire' ability at all. See a clip here of our rocket launcher in action.

Not to be out done, Al and his assistants assembled a very cool Billy Cart. Looking to 'bling it up' next week!

IMG_0183 IMG_0195

Donna 🙂

Launched and loaded!

Well launch we said and launch we did! Eight hours of workshops over two days, with Bristle Bots, Blinky Blingy Badges, Screaming MakeyMakey Banana's, and some 3D printing besides. Check out the video here: It's my first serious attempt at iMovie so tell me what you think.

Have a look at the Links page as well. There's a heap of stuff on there that we will all find useful over the coming months.

About to add some information about our last three workshops. Sorry about the delay in posts, but will catch up soon…

Donna 🙂

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We were so busy during this workshop I completely forgot to take photos! All of my cadet journalists were busy with conductive paint, PNP transistors and LDR’s as well – so had to borrow this image from the Instructable that inspired this activity.

Apart from these cute and clever Light Up Paper Houses, two of our girls constructed a soldering station exhaust fan, and ideas for more 3D and coding activities are coming thick and fast!

To quote a popular 1980’s movie – “More Input!

Donna 🙂

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A week later and the technology is already stepping up! Scribble Bot was the order of the day. A mean keen scribble machine that will attack your paper (and palms) when you least expect it… surprise

Scribble Bot requires basic circuitry, drilling and soldering, so many new skills were picked up during the afternoon.

We have also been invstigating some of the 3D printing iPad Apps, especially 123D Creature. The little fellow pictured below will hopefully be 'printed' shortly.

IMG_0021 IMG_0053123D Creature 1

Click here for more Workshop 2 photos and some Makers video here.

Donna 🙂

Previous Workshops

It's almost a month since our first regular MakerSpaces Mackay workshop – and we have already learnt and achieved sooo much!

We all had an attempt at the Mechanical Straw Hand, but it turns out that a relatively low-tech (or seemingly so) exercise such as this can be might deceiving. Nicola was the only one to persevere and get the project done and working. Well done Nicola! See picture below.

If you would like a copy of the instructions to try the Mechanical Straw Hand at home, click here.

Meanwhile, our volunteer Al introduced some of our Makers to the wonders of soldering, and good use was made of some recycled IT bits and scraps. Old internal computer fans were once again creating a welcome breeze. The USB Microscope also had a good test run, with many obscure objects and surfaces receiving an extreme close-up examination… smileyClick here for more Workshop 1 Photos and an interview with one of our Makers.