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We were so busy during this workshop I completely forgot to take photos! All of my cadet journalists were busy with conductive paint, PNP transistors and LDR’s as well – so had to borrow this image from the Instructable that inspired this activity.

Apart from these cute and clever Light Up Paper Houses, two of our girls constructed a soldering station exhaust fan, and ideas for more 3D and coding activities are coming thick and fast!

To quote a popular 1980’s movie – “More Input!

Donna 🙂

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A week later and the technology is already stepping up! Scribble Bot was the order of the day. A mean keen scribble machine that will attack your paper (and palms) when you least expect it… surprise

Scribble Bot requires basic circuitry, drilling and soldering, so many new skills were picked up during the afternoon.

We have also been invstigating some of the 3D printing iPad Apps, especially 123D Creature. The little fellow pictured below will hopefully be 'printed' shortly.

IMG_0021 IMG_0053123D Creature 1

Click here for more Workshop 2 photos and some Makers video here.

Donna 🙂

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It's almost a month since our first regular MakerSpaces Mackay workshop – and we have already learnt and achieved sooo much!

We all had an attempt at the Mechanical Straw Hand, but it turns out that a relatively low-tech (or seemingly so) exercise such as this can be might deceiving. Nicola was the only one to persevere and get the project done and working. Well done Nicola! See picture below.

If you would like a copy of the instructions to try the Mechanical Straw Hand at home, click here.

Meanwhile, our volunteer Al introduced some of our Makers to the wonders of soldering, and good use was made of some recycled IT bits and scraps. Old internal computer fans were once again creating a welcome breeze. The USB Microscope also had a good test run, with many obscure objects and surfaces receiving an extreme close-up examination… smileyClick here for more Workshop 1 Photos and an interview with one of our Makers.


Tinker with technology at the Libraries

YOUNG residents with a love for science and technology can learn about electronics in a fun and interactive way at our regional libraries thanks to MakerSpaces Mackay.  

Mayor Deirdre Comerford joined special guests from The Edge (State Library of Queensland) at Gordon White library today to officially launch the 12-month MakerSpaces Mackay program. 

An initiative of Mackay Regional Council Libraries, the portable technology station will rotate between our regions five libraries over the next 12 months including Gordon White, Mackay City, Walkerton, Mirani and Sarina. 

Community Development and Libraries portfolio councillor Alison Jones said Mackay Libraries were the first in Queensland to host a MakerSpace thanks to funding through the State Government. 

“It’s all about having fun, experimenting and making something awesome.”

“Young people can learn about electronics, create a digital musical instrument and tryout the 3D printer.”

Aimed at 9-16 years olds MakerSpaces Mackay is set to capture and inspire young minds and bridge the gap between traditional activities such as sewing, crocheting and woodwork and new activities such as 3D printing and robotics.

Cr Jones said libraries were no longer a place just for books.

“It’s exciting to see a new generation of bright young minds visit the library and connect with technology.” 

“Who knows MakerSpaces Mackay may inspire our young residents to consider a career in science and technology.”

For further information visit

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For further information contact:

Cr Alison Jones, Community Development and Libraries
Kathleen Price, Communications & Marketing Officer

Science and Technology Tinkering @ your library

Science and Technology Tinkering @ your library

MakerSpaces Mackay will be conducting regular weekly workshops until, and hopefully beyond, mid 2014. Our aim is to provide tools, equipment and inspiration for 9 – 16 year olds in the fields of science and technology. We want them to explore ideas, fiddle with gadgets, make mistakes and make discoveries. 

We need mentors! If you or anyone you know has a skills to share, espeically in science and technology, but we will consider anything a bit 'hands-on', please contact us here

We have a steady group of young and hungry minds visiting us every week. This is to good an opportunity to waste, so hope to see you there! 

Donna 🙂