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Our final workshop at Gordon White Library was a hive of activity as usual.

Marcel lead some of the team in building a Wind Tube! Interesting to see what floats and what does not…

Library staff Karen and Robyn gave 'Light up textiles' a go, but we need to do a bit more practise with this one. Rest assured, we will have that bling flashing the next time!

Jeremy's RaspberryPi case is gradually coming to life – via the 3D printer (who we've christened 'Dave by the way). Will hopefully have a photo of a happy Jeremy displaying the finished product shortly.

We were also very fortunate to have Brendan Donnelly from CQU join us and share what he had learnt about the Arduino kit over the previous weekend. I for one am not quite so fearful of the strange little thing now, and will be having a fiddle over the next couple of weeks.

See here for a short video of the workshop: Workshop #6

IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0228I

MakerSpaces is hugely grateful to Brendan, Marcel and Al for sharing their time and expertise with MakerSpaces Mackay. We owe you all!

Donna 🙂


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