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It's almost a month since our first regular MakerSpaces Mackay workshop – and we have already learnt and achieved sooo much!

We all had an attempt at the Mechanical Straw Hand, but it turns out that a relatively low-tech (or seemingly so) exercise such as this can be might deceiving. Nicola was the only one to persevere and get the project done and working. Well done Nicola! See picture below.

If you would like a copy of the instructions to try the Mechanical Straw Hand at home, click here.

Meanwhile, our volunteer Al introduced some of our Makers to the wonders of soldering, and good use was made of some recycled IT bits and scraps. Old internal computer fans were once again creating a welcome breeze. The USB Microscope also had a good test run, with many obscure objects and surfaces receiving an extreme close-up examination… smileyClick here for more Workshop 1 Photos and an interview with one of our Makers.


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