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Hello Makers! Apologies for the lack of updates on the website. The good news is we now have a dedicated Facebook page, (see link below) and a rapidly growing MeetUp following: http://www.meetup.com/MakerSpacesMackay/

We now run more sessions. The first and third Tuesday of every month, from 5.30pm, in the shiny new Engineering Building at CQU Ooralea. We're up to 84 members via MeetUp which is very encouraging. Of course, not everyone can make every session, but we have some exciting project ideas which may interest many new and existing members:

  • – Wind/water powered generator from recycled parts
  • – Build a bench power pack
  • – Remote monitoring of battery levels
  • – More 3D printing

We are also lucky to have some keen members willing to deliver short sessions (about an hour) on the following topics:

  • – Arduino/microcontroller workshops
  • – Intro to Electrical power
  • – 3D Design and modification
  • – Basic Electronics
  • – Basic Coding

So – all in all, we're making progress. Feel free to post questions and project ideas here or on our Facebook page.

Keep making and collaborating. The joy is in the sharing!

Donna 🙂

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